Catalyst Consulting Firm’s mission is to assist every timeshare owner in clarifying and understanding all of the options that are available to them regarding their existing timeshare.

To be clear:
WE do not buy and resell timeshares!

Most companies claiming to buy and resell timeshares are likely scams. You can find most timeshares listed online for the sale price of $1.00, making this an unrealistic strategy for relief.

What do we do?

***Our primary service is provide timeshare owners with updates, changes, and legal information that will impact their timeshare ownership.  Our goal is to point owners in a direction toward quality resources that we know they can trust. ***

Catalyst Consulting Firm specializes in assisting timeshare owners in preparing for the unexpected, by educating the owner in several key areas. 

Do you have any questions?

If you need assistance with your current or future timeshares, our experts will gladly assist you.